It’s a new year and no doubt you have made your resolutions to start running, run more, enter a race….whatever your personal goal is, how you keep up your running motivation is going to be key.

Here are ten tips to keep your motivation to run, even on those mornings that you find it hard to even drag yourself as far as the kitchen.

1. Buy new shoes

running motivation


Ok, you can’t buy new shoes every time you want go running. But those two things you put on your feet are key to whether you enjoy your run, or whether you find yourself with blisters and split nails.

Make sure you’re comfortable!

2. Get a running buddy

Of course, not everyone needs a buddy. But having someone to meet up with and share the joy of running with can be a great motivator.

You’ll get to your goals quicker if you have someone there to motivate you (and for you to motivate).

If you don’t have anyone in mind, try this global running community to find your buddy.

3. Boost your running motivation by changing it up

Familiarity breeds contempt so once you get yourself in that routine you have it fresh. Change your running route, even check out places you’ve never been before.

Change up the times of day you run and distances you shoot for to keep the whole experience enjoyable.

4. Listen to music

If you don’t already own one, get yourself a portable player of some kind and get it lined up with your favourite tunes.

Your running motivation gets a great boost and listening to music takes your mind off of those aches and pains that your body sends out as you run.

5. Give yourself a treat

Go for blatant self blackmail.

“If I do this run, I will go and have a steak in that expensive place up the road” can work wonders on your motivation to run.

6. Be realistic

The single worst thing you can do is set yourself ridiculous goals. If you have just given up smoking and are thinking about starting running then an ultra marathon next month may be a bit fanciful.

Think ‘plus one’. This means think of a goal that is within your comfort zone, then set a goal that is “plus one” so right at the edge of your comfort zone. This way you’ll set yourself a challenging but doable goal.

7. Become a morning runner

Many experts suggest running first thing in the morning before you do anything else is a sure fire way to ensure you keep running.

Evening runs can disrupt your sleep and it’s always difficult to fit running in during the busy daytime. So getting up early and running while everyone is still dozing can be very satisfying indeed.

8. Commit to a race

Promising to enter a race can be a big psychological step. But the sooner you get into racing in public meets the more fun you’ll have. And they are a great goal for you to target.

9. Make it fun

Simply enjoy it, if you run with a heavy heart you’re legs soon start feeling like lead too.

10. Go soft

Shin splints are a guaranteed stop to your running so make sure to get off the rod and sidewalk sometimes and head for the trails.