Back in February 2018, I decided to do two things: smash my PB (PR) to get a sub-90 minute half marathon, and in my training do 50 half marathons.

I neither have the time nor finance to join 50 organised half marathons so I have been using my trusty I phone and logging the times as I go.

The schedule involves me doing two or more 13.11 mile runs every week.

Of course, for a regular runner, fitting two long runs in to every week is actually not much of a challenge. Sooooooo….. I decided to make it a bit more of a challenge. Each run has to be about 1hour 45 minutes (or less).

Why did I choose this time? Because getting this time really pushes me, it isn’t easy to get.

Avoiding injury

The biggest challenge for keeping up with these long (and relatively fast) runs over a 6 months is of course to avoid injury. 

This has been good because it’s forced me to be a bit more sensible. 

This means proper pre-run dynamic stretches.

And more recently, I have started doing proper post-run stretches too. There’ll be a blog post up about this soon.

How many half marathons so far?

Of time of writing, I have done 11 half marathons. This is a bit behind schedule due to my trip back to the UK in March where everything tailed off. But I am about to head out for number 12- onwards and upwards!



50 half marathons


What’s this all for?

I’m not just running these half marathons for the sake of it!:-)

This is all going to charity (a wonderful school in the South West of the UK).

Check out my justgiving page here.

Any donations are welcomed gratefully!

The PB Challenge

In 2017, I joined a half marathon in Matsukawa, Central Japan. Nothing too unusual in that as I’ve joined dozens of half marathons in my running life.

But this turned out to be special, for two reasons.

First, this area of Japan is beautiful- mountains, apple and pear orchards everywhere. Plus super-welcoming locals.

The other reason for it being ‘special’ was that the course was an absolute killer. The first 10 k or so go straight up a mountain. 

I wasn’t prepared for this. The upshot? My pre-race target of somewhere near my PR of 1 hour 37 mins turned into a 1 hour 54 mins crawl. 

Any sane person would think, once bitten, twice shy.

But, like most long-distance runners, I don’t always see eye-to-eye with sanity.

I’m gonna take this course on again in 2018.

And, I’m aiming to smash the 90 minute mark.

This means I have to hit 6 minutes 57 secs to each mile.

This really is a challenge. It seems like mission impossible at the moment as I sit here typing this.

We’ll see!

Half marathon up dates

I will keep this post updated as I go through this challenge. Thanks so much to you all and here’s to 50 half marathons and a sub-90 PB!