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From a 5k for a pint, to a cheeky half

Do you want to hear something odd? The truth is I absolutely hate running.
It’s true, I remember so clearly those horrible winter days on those muddy, cold, dog-mess caked cross country runs.
Absolutely hell on earth! Why would anyone like running after that?
So here we are fronting up one of the quickest growing running communities on the net.

How did it come to this?

Like all great love stories it all started with a beer and a barbecue (what?!?)
It’s true though- when a rather loaded buddy of mine said come out to the country (to his huge house out in the sticks near where I live in central Japan) and join a local 5k and then onto a huge BBQ.
That was way back in about 2007 and the 5k run was just a sweetener for the story to our wives: “I’m headed out on Sunday with my mates to do a fun run and have a quick BBQ afterwards.” sounds so much better than “I’m headed out to a BBQ to eat and drink loads with my pals.”
So that’s how it went for a couple of years- head for the 5k run, crawl round it, then onto the beers and steak…….LOVELY.

The Running Bug

Great- but something really strange happened- the running bug. It crawled up slowly and almost unnoticeably. But boy, did it creep up!
The 5k became 10k- and then some other Japanese pals turned out to be rather into half marathons.
Around this time, as those the running gods had chosen me, other things conspired. My one true original love (football/soccer) had left me with broken wrist and a broken foot.
My ageing body was saying “this contact sport lark is too much for me, stick with running.”
And here I am: countless 10ks, and two full marathons later.
BUT……..half marathons are my thing. That distance 13.1 (or 21k) just fits me (it seemed so far just a few short years ago.) I have to train for it- especially to hit those PRs- but there’s nothing else I’d rather get up at 5am for.

Making a Community

And now I want to build this great community- there’s so much that we can do for each other.
Running has taught me one thing: we never really realise our potential- until we actually get out there and realise it.
We can also help others- and that is the last of this puzzle for me- I run so much that I want to leverage to help so much more than just my own well being.
There are others who have been dealt a tougher hand than myself and I want to help them.
That is why I have chosen the charity path- by running for those who can’t.
Check out our shop here and you can help too; https://lifeisnotasprint.com/
And make sure to get involved with our page– you will not regret it.
Thanks for your time and thanks for checking out what we’re doing
Time for a cheeky half I think!
Best regards.
Luke Blower. (creator of life is not a sprint)



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