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Welcome to Life Is Not A Sprint…..

This site is about all things Running, jogging, marathons, half-marathons, 5k, 2k etc. etc.

Particularly we’re interested in those of you who are just starting out, or  just thinking about getting into running. Whether for fun, to get fit, or just get out of the house.

Running is getting more and more popular with marathons, half-marathons and running events sold out many times over all over the globe.

Why not join the fun??

Who Am I?

So many of these sites are anonymous- so I just wanted to show you who I am.

My name’s Luke Blower- I’m a father, husband and runner. Half-marathon is my chosen distance right now and here in Japan there are some great courses to choose from- up in the mountains or running along some idyllic riverside.

My best time is sub 2hours and although this isn’t world record breaking for me that was a personal goal broken.

And running is all about that- personal goals. Simply surprising yourself by achieving something you haven’t done before.

A Reformed Case

You have probably noticed that I’m not some olympic champion, so what makes me qualified to pass over all this information on running?

I like to think I’m a ‘real case’. That is I’m an ex-smoker, ex-heavy drinker who had a distain for any kind of exercise that amounted to anything more than a kick-about down the park.

The experience I’ve had from first joining my friend in that first 10 k run where I could hardly make it round the course, to developing into someone who can tackle tough half-marathon courses (and enjoy it) has been the most fulfilling part of this journey.

Simply, I want anyone who has been thinking “I’d like to get fit” or “I could try running” to realise that it can be done.

If you’re looking for

  • Inspiration
  • Tips on equipment
  • Start up tips
  • Advice on warm ups and cold downs
  • Where to join a marathon or running event

You are in the right place.

I look forward to growing with you.


Luke Blower

(any questions? get me on [email protected])