Virtual runner? Nope- a real runner!!

Virtual runner- it sounds like some nineties sci-fi film starring Arnie (that's former muscle man turned US politician Arnold Schwarzenegger to you younger readers- google him!). In today's runner interview we speak to Claire George. Claire first came to our attention because she has taken every one of our virtual running challenges! So I [...]

What is a Virtual 5k? And why you should run one

What is a virtual 5k? *Now You Can Have a Great Race Experience Without the Race Day Hassles* Many people would like to participate in a race. But, they cannot due to a conflict of schedules or other reasons. Sometimes the schedule could be perfect but the weather might not. Or you could be under [...]

What is an Ultra Runner? And How Can You Become One?

What is an ultra runner? In the simplest sense, it's someone who finds pleasure in pushing their body and mind through the torture of running any distance upwards of 26.2 miles (the distance of the good old full marathon of course). But ask a lot of people and the image of an ultra runner [...]

Linda – Just Your Everyday Running Hero

Can running really help you lose weight and get you fit? Not on it's own- but our inspirational running lady- LInda shows how life changing running can be.

Running in Fancy Dress and a Trip to the Darkside

Rock up at almost any running event and you’ll soon catch brave/hardy souls running in fancy dress. Wonder woman, a giraffe, anime characters….. there at the starting line ready to braving extreme heat, a couple hundred weight of extra kilos to carry around their half or full marathon. And why? Usually for charity, right. To [...]

Trailing a Way to Multiple Myeloma Survival

This week’s featured runner is fighting a special battle against an all too little known disease. Multiple Myeloma Survival rate is about 50% at the 5 year mark. And I’m betting you hadn’t even heard of it before now. I certainly hadn’t until I was lucky enough to come across today’s featured runner: Kenny Capps [...]

Featured Runner: Running 365 days a Year

Run everyday!?! For a whole year??? When the oft-asked question “how often should I run??” crops up. 365 days on the bounce is rarely the prescribed answer. But today’s featured runner is spending 2017 and 2018 doing just that. So I caught up with Molly Smith to find out why she’s decided to run a [...]

Post run stretches that make a difference

After a hard run, it's tempting to just collapse on the floor. Or head straight to the fridge for a rewarding beer or juice. But there's a lot of sense in adding some post run stretches to your after-run routine. They can help improve your flexibility, comfort and performance next time you go out for [...]

Tapping into the Power of Virtual Running to help animals in need

Undoubtedly, the social side of running and the ‘buzz’ around race day at a big marathon or half marathon event has a lot going for it. But if you are one of those who hate being crowded out by other runners, left behind for dust, or find it hard to make the time for organised [...]

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