Can running help depression? Kara’s story

With as many as 1 in 4 people affected in the UK (, the problem of mental illness is a very real and widespread social issue. The benefits of exercise are well documented but can running help depression and play a part in the fight against the effects of anxiety? Of course, anyone who suspects [...]

What Kind Of Runner Are You?

Just what kind of runner are you? Are you ready to find out?! Of course you are? It’ll be fun! And I’ve decided to make this all worth while by hooking up with my favorite charity.  I’ve made it my goal to raise thousands of dollars in this next 12 months through my running.  [...]

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What is the Best Charity to Donate to??

We all want to do our bit to improve the world. It’s human nature to see the suffering around us and want to help. But whether you set up a monthly standing order to a charity or decide to do a sponsored run, you need to choose a charity organisation to support. […]

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Born to Run for Charity- Matt and the 10k Challenge for Cancer Research UK

There are those of us who think about running for charity, others who run for charity. And their are a certain few who were born to run for charity. Sounds a bit dramatic? Hey, this is a blog post, gotta make it  interesting!:-) Today’s featured charity runner is […]

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Golden couple show how to help your community and lose weight by running

There’s plenty of stuff on the internet promising the holy grail of losing weight super quick. Some of it may work, and a lot of it probably doesn’t. Lose weight by running, lose weight by dieting, lose weight with pills, lose weight by doing nothing. […]

Running for The Smile Train Charity

Amy Nakai’s Running for the smile train charity. And we’re going to show you how you can (and should) help out too. This the second of our charity runners. Yet another dose of pure inspiration as Amy is someone who has gone from a seriously non-runner to an ultra-marathoner in 4 short years.  […]

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How to Improve Running Endurance (Without Running More)

Are you a runner? If so, it does not matter whether you are training for a half marathon, 10K, or just a jaunt around the block with the dog. Running requires endurance, even if you are only an occasional jogger or an Ironman wannabe. Moreover, the better your endurance, the fewer injuries you will sustain. [...]

Picking The Best Summer Running Gear For Men

The summer brings blue skies, fine days and perfect running weather(!?!) get out there! But in reality the warm weather brings a whole range of potential problems- chafing, overheating or even skipping your training all together. This guide to the best summer running gear for men will assist you in making an informed decision. So [...]