There are many Running benefits. Let us show you exactly how running can help you live a healthier life.

Running Benefits: 9 Reasons Why You Should Hit the Road

There are a million reasons why you are thinking about doing exercise. But there are also a million different kinds of physical activity to choose from. Making a decision can be difficult. That's why this article looks at 10 ways in which running benefits about 70 million people in the US alone. And how it [...]

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What to Do When You Get Lower Back Pain Running

When you get lower back pain running, like any injury, it can put a serious dent in your progress. Needless to say I am not a doctor, but I can most definitely empathise with lower back pain sufferers. After endless days of crawling out of bed, a trip to my own physician had me down [...]

How Often Should You Run? Finding your sweet spot

One of the first questions that the beginner runner often asks themselves is How Often Should You Run?  If you've found yourself asking this very thing, then read on. The three main variables of your training and running habit are duration (how far/long), intensity (how hard) and, probably the most important, how often. Deciding these [...]

Tips on nutrition for runners

Diet and nutrition for runners matter, especially for those who want to achieve their best performance in running as well as to be in optimum health. A healthy body that consumes healthy food and proper nutrition will have a better chance in achieving peak performance than a body that is regularly fed with unhealthy food. [...]

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Common Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Common Running Injuries - Get To Know Them So You Can Avoid Them Although running is a sport that has plenty of positive benefits to offer, running injuries still do occur even to the most experienced runners. Some of the injuries can be prevented while some cannot be. However, we can always prevent and minimize [...]

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Does Running Help You Lose Weight?

Does Running Help You Lose Weight? It might seem like an obvious question but how does running help you lose weight? Is it all hype? As you start out on your new goal of making running a part of your life, it’s good to get some facts to keep you motivated on those long runs! Burn [...]

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