Post run stretches that make a difference

After a hard run, it's tempting to just collapse on the floor. Or head straight to the fridge for a rewarding beer or juice. But there's a lot of sense in adding some post run stretches to your after-run routine. They can help improve your flexibility, comfort and performance next time you go out for [...]

How to get into the habit of running- and stay there!

The idea of running is great. Just step out the door and glide round the block, through the local park, and return home for a relaxing shower. Indeed, once you get into the habit, you’ll experience the effects of what is popularly known as the “runner’s high”. Your brain will start releasing feel-good chemicals such as dopamine [...]

Top 7 Running Drills to Meaningfully Improve Your Running

Want to become a better runner, but can't squeeze in more training time? The answer is running drills There's a whole range of drills that can help improve a runner's efficiency, form, and speed. 7, in particular, stand out due to their effectiveness. You can find them all below! Top 7 Running Drills to Meaningfully [...]

How to Lace Running Shoes so You Don’t Kill Your Feet

When you get started running it's all good. Find a gap in your schedule, put on your gear, and off you go. But as you start clocking up those miles, you might hit some problems. Your nails start going black, you get blisters, pains across the top of your feet and so on. Granted, a little wear [...]

Running Plan For Beginners that Won’t make you give up

Haven't exercised for a while, or want to start running? Then you need a good running plan for beginners. How a running plan for beginners can let you down There are plenty of running plans for people starting running but many of them have the downside of being too difficult or two complicated. As with [...]

How to Be a Better Runner: The Essential Tips

The secret of how to be a better runner is the holy grail for so many people. Running more, running faster, just getting out there and running. These tips on how to be a better runner have got you covered. How to Be a Better Runner: Get New Shoes This might seem an obvious one, [...]

Running on the Treadmill VS Running Outside

Get onto the running on the treadmill vs running outside debate, and everyone has an opinion. Some runners will tell you that being stuck indoors on a 'hamster wheel' is worse than death. But a lot will praise the comfort of air conditioning, video screens and protection from the weather that running on the treadmill [...]

Static vs Dynamic Stretching: Which is better?

OK, so warming up for your run is not a very sexy subject (chatting about the latest Asics or Garmin is much more fun). But being injured when you're running is far less sexy. For the longest time, static stretching was seen as the best warm up prior to running (or any exercise). Recently however, [...]

Running for Beginners: Simply get started

Tap in ‘running for beginners’ in the google search bar and you’ll be hit with instant info overload. There’s a whole range of articles all saying different things. It’s all enough to make you switch off your computer and give up on the whole running idea completely. […]

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The Best Running Apps: Making the Right Choice

One attraction of running is you can just throw on some gear and hit the road. There's no need for much specialised wear, just a pair of comfortable shoes and off you go. You don't even need other people!;-) But as you get the running bug you will want to start tracking how fast you [...]

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