What is an Ultra Runner? And How Can You Become One?

What is an ultra runner? In the simplest sense, it's someone who finds pleasure in pushing their body and mind through the torture of running any distance upwards of 26.2 miles (the distance of the good old full marathon of course). But ask a lot of people and the image of an ultra runner [...]

How to get into the habit of running- and stay there!

The idea of running is great. Just step out the door and glide round the block, through the local park, and return home for a relaxing shower. Indeed, once you get into the habit, you’ll experience the effects of what is popularly known as the “runner’s high”. Your brain will start releasing feel-good chemicals such as dopamine [...]

How to Be a Better Runner: The Essential Tips

The secret of how to be a better runner is the holy grail for so many people. Running more, running faster, just getting out there and running. These tips on how to be a better runner have got you covered. How to Be a Better Runner: Get New Shoes This might seem an obvious one, [...]

10 Ways to improve running motivation for 2017

It's a new year and no doubt you have made your resolutions to start running, run more, enter a race....whatever your personal goal is, how you keep up your running motivation is going to be key. Here are ten tips to keep your motivation to run, even on those mornings that you find it hard [...]

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