Running for Beginners: Simply get started

Tap in ‘running for beginners’ in the google search bar and you’ll be hit with instant info overload. There’s a whole range of articles all saying different things. It’s all enough to make you switch off your computer and give up on the whole running idea completely. […]

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The Best Running Apps: Making the Right Choice

One attraction of running is you can just throw on some gear and hit the road. There's no need for much specialised wear, just a pair of comfortable shoes and off you go. You don't even need other people!;-) But as you get the running bug you will want to start tracking how fast you [...]

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What to Do When You Get Lower Back Pain Running

When you get lower back pain running, like any injury, it can put a serious dent in your progress. Needless to say I am not a doctor, but I can most definitely empathise with lower back pain sufferers. After endless days of crawling out of bed, a trip to my own physician had me down [...]

Running at Night: Safety First

Sometimes running at night can be one your only option. The winter months can be a killer to your training routine as the early evenings draw in. To prevent having to take a break from running altogether you may well find yourself venturing out after the sun is down. Night running presents its own set [...]

Cold Weather Running: 5 Tips

Cold weather running isn't everyone's idea of fun. But, the winter period takes up a good few months of most people's year. Unless you're happy cooped up inside on the treadmill, you are going to have to get used to some winter running. Ensure you get yourself well-equipped. This ensures you can have a productive and [...]

How Often Should You Run? Finding your sweet spot

One of the first questions that the beginner runner often asks themselves is How Often Should You Run?  If you've found yourself asking this very thing, then read on. The three main variables of your training and running habit are duration (how far/long), intensity (how hard) and, probably the most important, how often. Deciding these [...]

10 Ways to improve running motivation for 2017

It's a new year and no doubt you have made your resolutions to start running, run more, enter a race....whatever your personal goal is, how you keep up your running motivation is going to be key. Here are ten tips to keep your motivation to run, even on those mornings that you find it hard [...]

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