How to Lace Running Shoes so You Don’t Kill Your Feet

When you get started running it's all good. Find a gap in your schedule, put on your gear, and off you go. But as you start clocking up those miles, you might hit some problems. Your nails start going black, you get blisters, pains across the top of your feet and so on. Granted, a little wear [...]

How to Be a Better Runner: The Essential Tips

The secret of how to be a better runner is the holy grail for so many people. Running more, running faster, just getting out there and running. These tips on how to be a better runner have got you covered. How to Be a Better Runner: Get New Shoes This might seem an obvious one, [...]

The Best Running Apps: Making the Right Choice

One attraction of running is you can just throw on some gear and hit the road. There's no need for much specialised wear, just a pair of comfortable shoes and off you go. You don't even need other people!;-) But as you get the running bug you will want to start tracking how fast you [...]

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Cold Weather Running: 5 Tips

Cold weather running isn't everyone's idea of fun. But, the winter period takes up a good few months of most people's year. Unless you're happy cooped up inside on the treadmill, you are going to have to get used to some winter running. Ensure you get yourself well-equipped. This ensures you can have a productive and [...]

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