Everything you need to know about training for a 10k run

Linda – Just Your Everyday Running Hero

Can running really help you lose weight and get you fit? Not on it's own- but our inspirational running lady- LInda shows how life changing running can be.

Post run stretches that make a difference

After a hard run, it's tempting to just collapse on the floor. Or head straight to the fridge for a rewarding beer or juice. But there's a lot of sense in adding some post run stretches to your after-run routine. They can help improve your flexibility, comfort and performance next time you go out for [...]

How to Improve Running Endurance (Without Running More)

Are you a runner? If so, it does not matter whether you are training for a half marathon, 10K, or just a jaunt around the block with the dog. Running requires endurance, even if you are only an occasional jogger or an Ironman wannabe. Moreover, the better your endurance, the fewer injuries you will sustain. [...]

Top 7 Running Drills to Meaningfully Improve Your Running

Want to become a better runner, but can't squeeze in more training time? The answer is running drills There's a whole range of drills that can help improve a runner's efficiency, form, and speed. 7, in particular, stand out due to their effectiveness. You can find them all below! Top 7 Running Drills to Meaningfully [...]

How to Be a Better Runner: The Essential Tips

The secret of how to be a better runner is the holy grail for so many people. Running more, running faster, just getting out there and running. These tips on how to be a better runner have got you covered. How to Be a Better Runner: Get New Shoes This might seem an obvious one, [...]

How to run (and enjoy) your first 10k Race

The 10k race is a great distance. It's not as frightening as a half or full marathon. But it represents a step up from the 5k. In short, get started on the 10k run and you're on your way to becoming a real runner!:-) There's no reason your first 10k race shouldn't be an enjoyable [...]

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Training For a 10K Race- Take your running to the next level

Ok, so you’ve got the running bug. Or at least you've fitted running regularly into your life and your don’t hate it. The next natural progression for a lot of people is to step up and give themselves a new challenge, a new target. If you’re reasonably fit, this new challenge could well be training [...]

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What to Do When You Get Lower Back Pain Running

When you get lower back pain running, like any injury, it can put a serious dent in your progress. Needless to say I am not a doctor, but I can most definitely empathise with lower back pain sufferers. After endless days of crawling out of bed, a trip to my own physician had me down [...]

Running at Night: Safety First

Sometimes running at night can be one your only option. The winter months can be a killer to your training routine as the early evenings draw in. To prevent having to take a break from running altogether you may well find yourself venturing out after the sun is down. Night running presents its own set [...]

Cold Weather Running: 5 Tips

Cold weather running isn't everyone's idea of fun. But, the winter period takes up a good few months of most people's year. Unless you're happy cooped up inside on the treadmill, you are going to have to get used to some winter running. Ensure you get yourself well-equipped. This ensures you can have a productive and [...]

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