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I have been apart of LINAS running group since May last year. I’m currently doing Sustainability and Annual challenge. I’ve had a few hiccups along the way due to illness and never have I come across a group so kind and caring. It’s overwhelming that people would donate their miles for me to achieve my challenge goals. The group has done wonders for my mental and physical health and I’m happy that I’ve joined and would happily recommend to family and friends.
Luke has done fantastic at keeping us motivated. Thank you Luke for all your hard work behind the scenes.
Keep on running
Lou, W. Yorks.
I did the Pole to Pole Challenge and now in the middle of the Sustainability Challenge! I think that they are great and provides a challenging target to aim for!
Before Lockdown, I would have participated in an organised running event nearly every week. That is not possible now, so this is a fantastic alternative!
I have also found LINAS to be a very friendly and supportive running community and would highly recommend, irrespective of your running ability!
Gerry, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Great community spirit, doing sustainability challenge and miles in year 2021.

Helen, Hudds.

Very supportive group nice group of people

Sharon, S. Scotland

Brilliant group challenges, very supportive group with great positivity. I’ve done the pole to pole challenge & up yours 2020 & the sustainability challenge 👍

Diane E., Wales

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