What is the Couch to 5k plan?

couch to 5k

The couch to 5k is simply a plan to get you from doing little more than just sitting on your couch, to running 5K. 5K is approximately 3.1 miles which is not the same as running a marathon but is a distance long enough to be considered a worthwhile exercise.

Of course, once you have got used to running the 5K, there is nothing to stop you gradually increasing that so that you could eventually join one of the many marathons or half marathons that now take place all around the world.

The Plan

The thing that is different about this plan is that it is available on an app and is perhaps the best couch to 5k app or other plan available today. This couch to 5kapp allows you to avoid the problem that most people experience when they first decide to start exercising and that is that they try and do too much too soon.

This plan breaks up your exercising by starting with three weekly sessions of between 20 and 30 minutes each, which is in line with what is considered to be the correct amount for moderate fitness. By following this couch to 5k plan though, you could enter your first 5k race within a few months but actually running the 5K on your own within two months.


To follow the best couch to 5k plan, you should, at the start, put aside time on three separate days of the week, preferably with a free day between each of them, in which you carry out the 20 – 30 minute walking and jogging sessions timed by the couch to 5k app.As you progress through the plan, you start to slowly go either further and further or faster and faster until you reach a standard of fitness where you can confidently run 5K.

Couch to 5k- A healthy life

This is a standard of fitness that is considered to be adequate for a healthy life, with people only choosing to run further in order for either pleasure or in order to take part in some kind of sporting event. Once you reach the stage where you can confidently get off the couch and run 5K, you may also decide to do more but at least you will make that decision with the confidence that you can do it once put your mind to it, provided that, like the couch to 5k plan teaches you, you take it one step at a time, slowly building up your fitness.