Run everyday!?! For a whole year??? When the oft-asked question “how often should I run??” crops up. 365 days on the bounce is rarely the prescribed answer. But today’s featured runner is spending 2017 and 2018 doing just that. So I caught up with Molly Smith to find out why she’s decided to run a whole year with no rest day.


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I fired the questions and Molly was gracious enough to give her answers.

Running for life balance

Apparently 80% of people running (according to a 2016 US survey) do so to keep in physical shape. No doubt a large segment of us run regularly to allow us to ‘cut loose’ when we want. Whether that be a swift half or twenty on a Friday night or a big slab of treacle pudding, running lets us do it (mostly) guilt free. 

As she explained how she got involved in running, we see Molly was no different in her college days:

I’ve always ran. Even at school I loved athletics and cross country. As I got older and went to uni I still ran occasionally but it was more to counteract the food and alcohol ?

No doubt you’ve seen this quote floating around the internet…

running 365 days a week- you're your own competition

It’s a great expression to power your running by, and today’s featured runner agrees:

I’d say over the past 5-6 years is when I really got in to it and running became my passion. I now mainly run for fun and I love being competitive with myself but running also helps me with my mental health.

Next, I asked about her charity work.

Helping UK sports ‘thrown under the bus’

You may have seen the controversial decision taken at the turn of 2016-2017 to cut the funding of 11 sports. Wheel chair rugby was one of the effected sports. With reports that the GB Team had to raise upwards of £250,000 to get to the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020.

After its appeals were rejected, many were left shocked. But not many of those people were shocked enough to actually get their back sides into action to make a real difference. So why did today’s featured charity runner take it upon herself to run for a whole year straight, and why for this particular cause?

I also love helping others by raising money for charity. Over the years I’ve supported many different ones. But I’m currently running every day for a year to raise funds for GB wheelchair rugby. They had their funding cut and now need to raise the money themselves to keep the team going and get them to the Paralympics

I think sport should be inclusive. And taking part shouldn’t be dictated by budgets and money. Also it’s a team close to my heart as my younger brother is heavily involved with wheelchair rugby following a spinal cord injury which left him paralysed from the chest down

A very personal quest! What exactly is Molly doing to raise money for this charity? If you jump over to her justgiving page HERE

You can also see she’s smashed her target already! What a star! And check out her Insta and you see she’s overcome injuries and set backs to keep going with her challenge.



How do I find a charity to support?

This is my favourite question to pitch to our featured runners. And there’s a common theme to pretty much everyone’s answers: keep it personal!

I’d always suggest people to find a charity that has meaning to them or has impacted their life in some way. It’s definitely helps you find the motivation to get up and out running

Of course, you might not have a charitable cause that jumps out. Or maybe you have too many. This quiz put together by a Uk newspaper might give you a little help.

And what about newbie runners? Any tips?

The last thing the internet (and anyone new to running) needs is yet more advice on how to run ‘properly’.

But someone who is able to keep running 365 days straight, with a smile on her face, must know something about keeping the motivation to run.

So we asked Molly about how she keeps herself going. And how she recommends other runners can do the same.

Finally my top tip for new runners is to just have fun and don’t compare yourself to others. It’s easy to forget that when you look on social media and everyone seems to be super speedy and completing their training with no problems …. it’s not always real ? just focus on yourself and have fun. We’re just lucky that we are able to run ?

And that’s the perfect end to this great running story…..

We are lucky we can run.

Thanks so much for reading, and thanks to our main runner today: Molly Smith.

Make sure you get over to her funding page and donate!!