There’s plenty of stuff on the internet promising the holy grail of losing weight super quick. Some of it may work, and a lot of it probably doesn’t. Lose weight by running, lose weight by dieting, lose weight with pills, lose weight by doing nothing. You name it! When I grabbed the chance to interview a great young couple who have lost an impressive amount of weight, I was sure of one thing. I definitely didn’t want to add to the hoards of get-slim-quick articles out there.

I needn’t have worried- Kelsey Jura and Paul Daileys’ story is so much more. Running changes lives, running helps them change other’s lives. Enjoy the read.

Who are Kelsey Jura and Paul Dailey?

A nurse and teacher by trade, this couple decided to make some lifestyle changes coming into 2017. With their wedding set for 2018, they felt a new life should mean just that. A really new and different life.

They started running back in February 2017. Coupled with a new health-conscious diet, the results were amazing. 185 pounds lost between them. Plus a new found desire to travel and see places they’ve never seen before. PLUS a massive desire to give back to their community in a very big way. More on this in a moment!

Check out below and you’ll see that this great couple record everything through their Instagram page.



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As you can see they have some great spots to go running! Of course, I’m always super interested to find out how running helps people and how people use running to help others.

I was lucky enough to grab a quick interview to find out how Kelsey and Paul have done it. They also have a full article on if you’re interested.

How to lose weight by running and empower your community (by two people who’ve actually done it)

I threw a few questions at Paul and Kelsey about their motivation and journey.

Why Running?

Why did you start running?

P & K:  We saw running as a supplement to our healthier eating habits.

But why running and not the gym or some other exercise?

P & K: We knew that outdoor exercise would be a great way to spend more time together away from work and school, and also give us a measuring tool to see how our cardiovascular fitness was increasing.

Did you enjoy running straight away?- some people take a while to get into it.

P&K: We were hooked immediately and use running to travel the country. Our favorite activity is to visit somewhere new and run a race there!

So next I wondered how often they run.

Running schedule

How often do you run?

P & K: We run about five times a week. We listen to our bodies to make sure we never run when we are hurt or too tired, because we do everything we can to avoid injury.

This is very sound advice- listen to your body! There’s a lot of great tips out there on how to do this properly.

Helping the community

Paul and Kersey live in Butte, Montana. Montana actually has one of the lowest obesity rates in the US. But it seems these guys wanted to help others lose weight by running too. I asked them about their work to help the Butte community.

losing weight by running

How are you trying to help the people of Butte?

P & K: We want to increase the running community in Butte, and we are working with @runopia to make a group here in Butte that encourages runners to join each other on a regular basis and exercise together.

It’s always so difficult to keep motivated on your own. So building a running community is a great way to enjoy your jogging. Meet new people and ensure you keep going.

I had one final question.

Golden tip for newbie runners

I always like to get my guests to hand out some golden nuggets for beginner runners.

losing weight by running

What is your advice for someone just starting out running?

P & K: We run according to how we feel! If we know we are exhausted, we don’t push ourselves to injury. If we feel good, we test our limits! Listen to your body! Injury will be a lot more devastating than missing a day because you feel unprepared. Take the time to warm up, and cross train to strengthen other parts of your body. Don’t just expect to stand up and run twenty miles!

Sound advice. Thanks to Paul and Kelsey for their time. And good luck with your future runs and married life!

Wrap up

Hopefully this story will act as a little bit of inspiration to any of you sitting on the fence about starting running or not. Of course, you should always consult your physician before starting on any new exercise regimen.

If you have a story of your own you’d like to share- just drop it in the comments below.