The secret of how to be a better runner is the holy grail for so many people. Running more, running faster, just getting out there and running. These tips on how to be a better runner have got you covered.

How to Be a Better Runner: Get New Shoes

This might seem an obvious one, but you can’t underestimate how important a comfortable pair of shoes is.

Take the time to find a pair that suits you and your feet and ask an expert if you’re not sure.

If you’re wondering if your old runners are up for a change- some researchers reckon anywhere between 300-500 miles should be the maximum mileage you put on a pair of trainers.

how to be a better runner with good shoes

Set Yourself Goals

The bedrock for any successful runner is the setting of realistic, challenging and motivating goals.

You can’t cookie cut this: you have to set a goal that will work for you. It can be “I will run 150 miles a month.” Or I will run every other day. Or perhaps I will break 1.40 in a half marathon.

What kind of goal you set and how you stick to will dictate how quickly you improve as a runner.


goal setting

Keep Tabs on Your Progress

The key to how to become a better runner is making sure you know you’re getting better.

There’s nothing better than the feeling of beating your previous performances. To do this though you have to record your times and distances.

How closely you follow this will depend largely on the goals you have set yourself (see above). However, if you want something a little more sophisticated than your trusty old watch, there are a ton of apps you can use on your android or iPhone.

Run For Charity

run for charity

For some of us, the fun of just running wears off. These kinds of people might find the prospect of running for charity a welcome plus.

Sweating for a good cause is a worthy pursuit and can really give that extra motivation.

The Boston Marathon alone raised nearly $40 million back in 2014. This was only to it’s official charities mind and doesn’t include private collections.

If running for only you doesn’t quite hack it, then why not get signed up with helping one of these many organisations?

Drink Plenty of Water

drink water when you run

The simple act of keeping well hydrated can improve your performance massively.

Before a race or training, simply drink enough. Enough means you are no longer thirsty but don’t do crazy. Too much water means an uncomfortable stomach and lots more trips to the bathroom.

Get Enough Sleep

sleep well

All these other tips on how to become a better runner are rendered useless if you’re not getting enough shut-eye.

A tip tip here is to give yourself 30 minutes before your sleep to just wind down. This means shutting down all screens, computers, iPads, gaming machines, all those gadgets.

Then just let your body relax and adjust before hitting the sack.

This will guarantee an improvement in the quality of your sleep.

Take a Rest Day

The one thing worse than not pushing yourself is to push yourself too much.

Rest days are so important – you should at least one a week.

Make sure your rest day really is that- REST.

It’s easy to start feeling guilty on your rest day. But if you calculate into your rest days with your overall training schedule then you have absolutely nothing to be worried about.

Hopefully these tips on how to be a better runner will get you results over the long term.


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