When it comes  to choosing running shoes, most people rely on the advice of their sports shop clerk. You have to be careful. Most shop clerks will have been instructed to try and sell you a particular brand of shoe. This can be detrimental to you and your feet. This is because your style of running and foot shape are unique.

how to choose running shoes



Understanding your foot pronation pattern is of paramount importance in helping you choose the right pair of running shoes. Pronation is how your feet move from the moment your heel hits the ground and how it distributes the force to the rest of your feet.

The Three Kinds Of Pronation

There are basically 3 types of pronation: normal, over pronation and the under pronation.One look at a runner’s old running shoes will tell you their pronation. Over pronation can often means the inner side of their shoes will be worn out the most. Because the runner has the habit of rolling his feet inward too much. For those with under pronation, the outer side of the shoes are more worn out.

Different types of pronation will require different types of shoes to help keep the runner injury-free and comfortable during the running sessions. There are 3 types of running shoes: motion control, stability and cushioning shoes. After you have identified your pronation type, you can decide which shoe you need

How To Choose Running Shoes For Your Pronation

Runners with over pronation need a  shoe with a firm midsole that is straight and has no curve at the tip of the toe. This helps prevent the over pronation. The best types of shoes would be the stability and motion-control running shoes.

Runners with under pronation, land their feet flat on the ground. This can give their legs a higher amount of impact. These types of runners have inflexible feet. Therefore cushioning shoes help absorb this impact.

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Shoes today are much well-designed to match runner’s feet. Now, you can even take advantage of the Gait analysis to learn about your own running style. This in heeling avoiding picking the wrong running shoes.

New and stylish running shoes may be flooding the stores everyday. However, fashion and the latest trends do not always equal safety and comfort when you run. When you are armed with right knowledge, you can choose running shoes that match your own personal running style.