When you get started running it’s all good. Find a gap in your schedule, put on your gear, and off you go. But as you start clocking up those miles, you might hit some problems. Your nails start going black, you get blisters, pains across the top of your feet and so on. Granted, a little wear and tear is unavoidable. Especially if you run for any distance on a regular basis. However, some very simple tweaks to your preparation can help alleviate some of these running pains. One such tweak is how you lace running shoes. Did you know different feet suit different lacing styles?

This article will give an intro into the different ways you can find the best lacing method for you.

How to lace running shoes to prevent blisters

Blisters are the bane of any runners life. You can grin and bear them but sooner or later one will get infected or just make it too uncomfortable to run.

Not surprisingly the main cause of blisters is excess rubbing inside your shoe. The obvious solution to this would be to simply tighten your running shoe.

However, this sometimes merely tightens one part of the running shoe. Meaning you are now in discomfort because  the laced part is too tight. But you still get blisters as the main part of the shoe still rubs.

The real trick here is to make sure you utilise all the eyelets in your shoe.

This video shows you how….

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How to lace running shoes to stop black toe nails

Consistent running can often result in your nails turning black and eventually falling off. This process may not even hurt. But if you’re about to hit summer and plan on wearing open sandals, this is not ideal.

There is a method of lacing your running shoes that can help prevent this blackening of the toes.


lace running shoes

With the method above you thread the lace through the eye nearest the big toe. This means that as you tighten the shoe, you pull the material up and over the toes. This reduces the rubbing that can cause black toe nails.

How to lace running shoes for a more comfortable run

If you have tight shoes or generally wide feet, then the type of lacing can be critical.

The hack here is to allow the lacing style to give your feet more room.

This video gives a simple demonstration of how to do this.

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Now you can run in comfort

Completely pain free running is pretty much impossible to achieve but you can make it enjoyable by implementing neat little hacks. These tips on how to lace running shoes to suit your needs can help run more comfortably.

Do you have any other comfort hacks for runners?? Drop them below…

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