Running can be a great way to exercise but without the motivation to run, you can find yourself quitting not long after you started it. Motivation is important regardless of what your reasons are for starting running. Experienced runners are not people who are gifted with an extra dose of motivation to keep them running but they have learned to find reliable sources to keep themselves motivated to continue running.

motivation to run

It is easy to lose your motivation to run as there will be times when your mood dips or the weather outside doesn’t seem too inviting. With motivation, you can be sure that you will keep up with your run regardless of whether it’s a rainy or sunny day outside. So, if you are currently struggling to get your feet out to run, then here are some useful tips for you.

Find A Running Buddy

Personally, I love running with my own thoughts BUT It can be lonely if you are running by yourself. Having someone to run with, means you have an instant support team who can cheer you on to get up and run on days that you don’t feel like doing it.

Prepare Your Favorite Playlists

Good music can elevate your mood and with a better mood, you will be more than likely to go for a running without much of a struggle. If music works for you, then be sure to load up your music player that you take with you for your runs with plenty of your favorite songs.

My Hip Hop Playlist that kicks my motivation to run into 5th gear



Focus On Your GoalĀ 

Everyone runs for a reason and it can be anything from a leisure purpose, health, weight loss and such. Whatever the reason is for your running, it is important to remember that and focus on it so that it makes it easy for you to get out and run.

Run Different Routes

Running the same route everyday can be boring and sooner or later, you will lose all your motivation to run knowing that you will be going through the same route all over again. You can easily find new routes by using google maps, for example. Or jump on a running forum where other runners share their favorite running paths. You can use what they’ve shared and try out new running paths to keep up your interest in running.

Set Small Achievable Goals

To motivate yourself to run, you can also treat it as a game where you set small goals for yourself to achieve. If you are about to run a marathon, you can take the whole marathon distance and chunk it down to smaller distances for yourself to improve and achieve one step at a time. Small achievable goals can motivate you because each time you cross a milestone, it will make you feel good about it.

If there is a goal you want to achieve from running, it is essential for you to first develop a strong and reliable source of motivation to keep you running no matter how you are feeling. While not all methods will work for everyone, you have to test out as many possible ways to find out what your own motivation sources are, so that you can keep using it to make yourself eager and motivated to run.