The Pole to Pole Run


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Join our winter challenge.

  • 20,919km (the distance between pole to pole)
  • Everyone’s miles goes to the total (until we’re finished)
  • Teamwork and motivation guaranteed.
  • £10 for newcomers
  • £8 if you’re joining us again
  • £8 pound for anyone signing up as a group (2 + people)


Winter is here, let’s hole up at home and eat and drink ourselves silly! Great idea, but you know you’ll love yourself more if you sprinkle a good dose of running in there too. It’s all about balance!

But getting out the door in the short and dark days of winter can be tough. That’s where our team challenges come in- and the Pole to Pole 2020-21 Run is no different.

We’re looking for 100 of our hardiest runners to join our massive 20,919-kilometre run- from South Pole to North.

Sign up and run as much or as little as you like- as long as you contribute at least a few miles to the total.

But no doubt you’ll get hooked like every one does and come out of winter thinking “I really got into my running this winter, and now I’m feeling pretty good for the spring!” (and hopefully some real life events will be allowed by then.

So for just £10 (or £8 for repeat runners) you can join us for a whole winter of running team fun.

Starts in December!! So don’t delay!!



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