Sometimes running at night can be one your only option. The winter months can be a killer to your training routine as the early evenings draw in. To prevent having to take a break from running altogether you may well find yourself venturing out after the sun is down.

Night running presents its own set of challenges, as I can personally testify. From google maps taking me through a pitch black cemetery to tripping over hidden rocks!

There are a few precautions you should think about to keep your post dusk runs as comfortable as possible.

Choosing a good route for Running at Night

You should choose a route you know well, or that is well lit. This will reduce the chances of you tripping or falling down a ditch.

Keep the route as simple as possible as well, perhaps double it up to increase the distance.

Be seen

When you drive your car at night, check out how difficult it is to see pedestrians, cyclists and runners.

So you absolutely have to take care to make yourself as visible as possible when out running.

That’s why when running at night your essential gear should be…

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  • Light colored clothes
  • Some reflective vest or band
  • A flashing light
  • And don’t wear headphones (you need your ears!)

Adjust your pre-running routine

Another challenge presented by night running is that you’ll probably have less time to warmup and you’re most likely be cutting into your dinner time.

If you’re leaving yourself less time to warmup then make sure you start off at a slow pace. You can also make sure you do some exercise before you run. Perhaps walk home from work to get your muscles a little loose.

It’s not advisable to eat a full meal right before running so take on board some food mid afternoon before your running night.

Who are you?

Make sure you take some ID with you. If something does happen to you it makes it so much easier for those helping you if you’re carrying some photo ID.

Keep to these simple rules and running at night will become an enjoyable part of your running routine.