Running for Cake (and running for charity)

Every single day hundreds of thousands of people take in the simple joy that is running. Some of these folks take it a step further and decide to use their time on the road (or the trail) to help others. In this, lifeisnotsprint’s first edition of charity runners, we talk to Margaret Spring  who has a very personal reason for running for charity.

We’ll also show you that you don’t need to commit to something crazy like running the London marathon backwards or 40 marathons in 40 days to start running for a good cause.

Who is today’s featured runner? Margaret is a runner with a wealth of experience. She’s with oiselle volee, and an ambassador with NUUN supplements.

She can be found on most days covering the beautiful trails near her home. Her Instagram account is testimony to her dedication to getting out and among nature the only way runners know.

She’s also a baker, which explains her IG handle: @runner4cake : check it out below


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I was lucky enough to grab a quick but very much exclusive interview with this trail running, charity raising, baking runner.

Here’s what she had to say.

Getting Started Running

So many of us get started running through someone inspiring us to hit the road or track. And Margaret was no different.

Margaret says:

“I started running because my oldest brother was a runner. He was amazing at it! It was something I could do with him . I was in seventh grade when I started running Varsity on the high school girls cross country team.”

Running for Charity

Choosing the right charity to support through running, or donation can be tricky. Margaret has a very personal reason for choosing the charities she supports. A child very close to her has been diagnosed with leukemia.

But instead of hunting for sympathy these guys are looking to take the fight to this terrible disease.

running for charity

With the side choice of apps available it’s getting easier and easier to help people without even joining a marathon event.

Margaret : “I am currently running to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Charity miles has this amazing AP! I am part of a team on Charity Miles named Connormcstrong  that raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Anytime I am outside being active, whether a walk or a run, I turn on my AP and raise money through Charity Miles.”

Here’s the Charity Miles App if you want to investigate further.

The whole process of fund raising and crowd funding has been revolutionised to- sites such as mean you don’t need rattle collection boxes out on the street to raise substantial money.


“I have also started a Go Fund me page for my little buddy Connor. He has leukemia. He is scheduled for a bone marrow transplant on August 1st!”

You can get directly to her gofundme page by going HERE

So how much has she raised so far?


“I have raised $3500.00 on GoFundme so far. My goal is to raise $10,000.00!”

That’s a pretty life changing amount of money! Get in there and help her out.

Golden Tip for Newbie Runners

I always like to get these folk who devote so much time to running for a golden tip for other people wanting to feel the full benefit of running. Margaret’s response was very valuable…

“My golden tip is just to get out there and have fun! Enjoy every moment of it, because the ability to run is a gift !!”

Enough said I think!

If you’re thinking of getting together some fundraising by running for charity then all the tools are there. Literally at your finger tips.

Any comments or questions just drop them below- if you have any questions for Margaret, drop them below and I’ll pass them on.




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