Diet and nutrition for runners matter, especially for those who want to achieve their best performance in running as well as to be in optimum health. A healthy body that consumes healthy food and proper nutrition will have a better chance in achieving peak performance than a body that is regularly fed with unhealthy food.

Every runner will have a different set of goals to achieve from running and it is important to pick out a different diet plan that caters to each different goal. So, if you are a runner who wants to adopt a healthier eating habit that can benefit your running performance, then here are some nutrition tips for you.

Sufficient Fluids

As well as maintaining nutrition for runners, water is an essential consideration. You will be losing a lot of water from your body when you go for a run. Keeping yourself hydrated is important and you may want to stay hydrated by drinking water or fluids every 20 minutes in your run. Dehydration can cause problems such as fatigue, dizziness, overheat and many more.

Electrolyte Balance

When you run, you will lose electrolytes from your body as well. Electrolytes are important because lack of it causes problems like as muscle strains and cramps. You can restore your lost electrolytes by supplying your body with food like bananas, isotonic drinks and isotonic gels.

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Macronutrients are often mentioned as important foods in achieving high enough levels of nutrition for runners. These foods include complex carbohydrates, protein and good cholesterol. Macronutrients are important in your diet. Because it works as the fuel to give you the energy to keep running. The more you run, the more you need.


It is common for your body to lose a lot more water than usual when you are running. When you sweat, you are also losing a lot of other minerals from your body in the form of your sweat. Though minerals are rarely emphasized on, it is just as important because your body will need it to repair tissues and prevent inflammation.


When you run, lactic acid is produced in your body and it increases the acidity of your body. High level of acidity in your body can cause fatigue to happen. In order to keep the level of acidity down and your body pH in balance, you can consume food that is high in alkaline such as vegetables.

Not everyone will require the same amount of nutrients and food that are mentioned above. You may want to observe which category of runners you fall into and pick the right type of food to keep your body healthy and properly fueled for your running sessions.

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