This week’s featured runner is fighting a special battle against an all too little known disease. Multiple Myeloma Survival rate is about 50% at the 5 year mark. And I’m betting you hadn’t even heard of it before now. I certainly hadn’t until I was lucky enough to come across today’s featured runner: Kenny Capps

Kenny has a very personal story behind his fight to help people with their fight for multiple myeloma survival.



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The fight against blood cancer

The second most common form of blood cancer, multiple myeloma is thankfully relatively rare: with about 1 in 143 (0.76%) of contracting it in the average lifetime ( 

But, that still means that this year in the US alone about 12,000 people will die from myeloma. And the cold hard facts are that this condition remains incurable. With a series of often severe treatments the only option to try and control it and boost chances of survival.

And that was the unenviable situation that faced Kenny a few years back.

I was diagnosed with multiple mount myeloma in January 2015. During that year, I underwent dramatic chemotherapy, and a Bone marrow transplant. I have two oncologist in two different states due to the nature of the disease, and it is ongoing, because I am not in remission, and because myeLoma does not yet have a cure.

If there was ever a reason for giving up on life, hanging your head and just retreating into your shell, finding out you have an incurable condition would be it. And no one could blame you for throwing in your lot and spend your days moping around in your own self pity. 

But our featured runner today did the absolute opposite. He’s well and truly ‘getting out there’ with the help of running. Not only to help himself but to help others affected by this condition.

I asked him about how he got into running and how he’s set up his own organisation to really benefit those in need.

Why running?

Like anyone else who spends a rather large amount of their lives dedicated to running, I’m always intrigued to find out how others have got locked into the running life. 

It’s often seen as a lonely pastime, but Kenny explained his attraction to running was the whole ‘team thing’.

I started because I want to be part of a team. I kept doing it because I enjoyed it the way it made me feel physically and mentally. I kept doing it and embraced it later in life, because it help me think through life. Now, I do it because I can and because it makes me a better person.

A lot of the runners I have interviewed for this featured runners section extol running’s benefits mentally and physically, but Kenny’s claim that running helps make him ‘a better person’ is pretty mind blowing.

Going the extra yard to help multiple myeloma survival 

If you’ve had any serious illness effect someone close to you, you’ll know that improving quality of life for that person is a priority. You’ll also be aware that this kind of care and support does not come cheap.

This situation is what kicked Kenny into deciding to do much more than merely helping himself. He realised he could actually help others with their own fight against blood cancer.

And so the Throwing Bones organisation was born in January 2017. I’ll let him explain in his own words.

Throwing Bones has a goal of assisting patients and their caregivers with Some of the non-medical financial needs. Throwing Bones has established the patient assistance fund to allow them to apply for small grants. Also, Throwing Bones Have a very real mission of encouraging activity and healthy lifestyles for patients which promotes a better quality of life before during and after treatment. That is our keep moving forward campaign.

The goal is to raise over $100,000 dollars. 

On April 1, 2018, Kenny will begin a 1,117 mile run across the state of North Carolina to raise funds for Multiple Myeloma research and to inspire hope in others diagnosed with the disease. 

If someone wants to donate, they can go to, donate or sign up for one of their events. Or click the image below…

How do I get started running?

A helluva lot of my readers are newbie runners or even people thinking “I should start doing something but I don’t know how.”

Mr Capp’s advice is beautiful in it’s simplicity:

Move. It all counts. Winn starting out, take two steps forward and one step back. Rest and recovery are almost as important if not more so than some increased activity when trying to build your activity level up

So what are you waiting for? Just get moving and you could even join Kenny’s Throwing bones campaign to start helping others in their multiple myeloma survival battle.