Virtual runner- it sounds like some nineties sci-fi film starring Arnie (that’s former muscle man turned US politician Arnold Schwarzenegger to you younger readers- google him!). In today’s runner interview we speak to Claire George. Claire first came to our attention because she has taken every one of our virtual running challenges!

So I wanted to find out what makes her tick? Why does she run? Is she purely a virtual runner, or does she take part in traditional events? Check out her interview here.

Claire George running

Why did you start running?

There are myriad reasons for starting running: to meet people, for a cause, to lose weight, improve mental and physical well being, to escape your home life (:-)). For most it’s some or all the above.

Claire says she simply started running to improve her health. And of course,  running has been shown to strengthen bone density, work out your heart, lower cholesterol, and improve your immune system.

What kind of running events do you join? Why do you choose these? virtual

So, as I mentioned, at Life is Not a Sprint, we know Claire as a virtual runner. But we wanted to find out more about her everyday running life.

Of course running can mean anything from a quick pootle around the block to a 100 mile ultra run, with a wealth of choices in between.

I run park runs which are great for trying to get a 5k pb (that’s a personal best for those of you less versed in running lingo) and also to meet new people. I’ve also done 10ks which are a nice distance and give you a goal to work towards without the training taking over your life. I’ve done a couple of half marathons for the challenge and to see if I could – I can!

Oh, and course virtual runs as it gives me a goal to work towards when I’ve not got an upcoming event.

 What a great combination- park runs for the social needs and regular quick run, mixed with the challenge of the longer 10k and half marathon. And virtual runs slip into this perfectly. You can’t always afford the time and money to join an organised running event but want to insert a little bit more motivation in your everyday running.

You can check out our virtual running challenges here.

join the virtual runners

What has running done for you?

It’s all very well talking about what benefits running can potentially bring, but what about real life results?? When we asked asked Claire about this, she was emphatic about what running has done for her.

Running has improved my fitness and my mental health. It has given me more confidence in myself in my every day life. Its also allowed me to push boundaries and run distances I never thought I’d run (half marathon to date).

The benefits of running are physical and psychological. More confidence, hitting targets you never dreamed of reaching- what more could you need or want!!??

What’s your “golden tip” for any newbie runners out there?

There’s a lot of advice out there, and not all of it is good. That’s why I always like to ask experienced runners for their top tips. Claire’s advice is very sound indeed.

Slow and steady wins the race! Increase your speed and distance gradually throughout training to avoid injury.

There you have it- one of our favourite runners here at Life is Not A Sprint turns out to be much more than just a virtual runner. In fact, Claire has her own Circuit Training classes to help you improve your health. Check out what she’s offering here on her fanpage.

I hope you enjoyed listening to her running story and look forward to seeing you all on our future virtual challenges.