What is a virtual run? Whether you want to lose some weight, strengthen your muscle or just enjoy spending some time with good music: if you are passionate about running, then you should try virtual running. And they are getting more and more popular

A virtual what?? You might ask. Let me explain. A virtual run works exactly the same as your standard jog, but with a big difference.

To enter a virtual run… you simply have to run. Yes, that’s it. You can start running at any place, any location, while enjoying a cozy afternoon in the countryside or on a treadmill while you listen to some hard rock music (or Bach!?!) or just take in your surroundings.

There is usually a variety of distances to choose from. This includes 5K and 10K races, or half marathons. If you want to test yourself with other sports, you can even try virtual races for cyclists or swimmers (or walking of course).

what is a virtual run

How to join a virtual race

If you are a competitive person and you like running to push your limits, then you simply must join a virtual race.

They work just like any normal run races. However, there is no one checking if you are cheating and how fast you are running. It is just you and your passion for running.

First, you can find a virtual run race online. There are several websites and communities of people who periodically arrange these kind of competitions. Most of these events are for charity purposes, so you can enjoy your jog and even do some good!

Once you have found your next virtual races, you can just start running anywhere, anytime. You can decide to go for a run on your own or ask your friends or family to join you. Maybe this could be the right time to ask that person you are fond of to spend some time together. Or this can be your way to share your passions with your partner or children.

You do not have to run fast. If you have not been working out lately and you need some time to find your own pace, you don’t have to worry. No one is going to chase you, nor judge you. You can just run for fun, and this is what is really important.

Why join a virtual run race

You may be asking why you should join a virtual race. To answer this question, you should consider why you like running in the first place. For example, the majority of people runs to stay fit and active, or to take some time for themselves.

However, virtual races can also be the perfect opportunity to take part in a good cause. Usually, these events are sponsored by charities. You can choose to sustain a cause which you really believe in or take the chance to find out about different funds. If you cannot find your favorite charity, you can even nominate it, so that it may become available soon.

As a general rule, at least 20% of your race entry is donated to your chosen charity. The more people take part in the same virtual run race, the more this can grow and use these funds to do some good.

In addition, virtual running is a good way to incentivize yourself to stay fit but with flexibility. Most people do not feel comfortable with the idea of running because they believe they need proper time, location, and even outfit. However, virtual running is accessible to everyone. Even if you have children or if you work several hours a day, you can find time to contribute to your cause.

Any time is perfect to run: at the park with your children, while taking a walk with your dog, when you leave from office, or early in the morning while the whole city is still asleep. The only thing you need is your motivation and your app to track your results!

After you finish your virtual run

Don’t forget to record your virtual running! You can use your usual fitness tracking device or any free application that you can download on your smartphone. Just upload the proof of your run (for example, a screenshot of your app), on the website where you registered for this race.

It’s also important to not feel ashamed of your results: the aim of any virtual run is to have fun, share your passion, and contribute to charity. No one wins, no one loses! Regardless of your results and the number of miles that you have covered with your virtual run, you will receive a custom medal. Depending on the virtual run project that you took part in, you can either receive your medal via email or even in the post.

Once you get it, feel free to share it with your friends. By doing this, you can help other people to learn more about virtual runs. The more, the merrier! You can also find several online communities of virtual run enthusiasts with whom you can share your last medal. These are also good places to keep up to date with the latest news about virtual run races and the other initiatives.

virtual races for you

What are you waiting for?

When you join a virtual run race, you are never alone. You are taking part in a vast project, together with thousands of other people who are passionate about running, just like you.

Most importantly, this is a king of challenge where you are totally in control. You can set your own pace, indoor or outdoor location and choose the boundaries you wish to break. In most cases, virtual running is a way to test yourself, but with a special reward to incentivise you: the possibility to help a charity, to raise money for a good cause, and to feel part of a community.

If you have ever looked for a good reason to start running, this may be it. Now that you know what a virtual run is, you are ready to go. Sign in for your first virtual run and start doing what you like: running. Do not forget to save a record of your results and to share it, so that you can get your virtual medal.