Just what kind of runner are you? Are you ready to find out?! Of course you are? It’ll be fun!

And I’ve decided to make this all worth while by hooking up with my favorite charity. 

I’ve made it my goal to raise thousands of dollars in this next 12 months through my running. 

You Take Our What kind of runner are you Quiz!!! And We Give to Charity

The rules are simple….

You take the quiz below. And I will donate 50 cents to the great people at Treloare’s School (just drop your email in the end there to confirm you have done it AND get access to the great content I’ll be putting out about running helping people and people helping others through running)

Plus- we’re going to donate another 50 cents for everyone who SHARES this page.


If you’re on Instagram then just tag a friend on the latest post on @lifeisnotasprint_ and we’ll give 50 cents that way too!

Simple right?- take the quiz, share it, and we give a lovely $1 to the MS-UK charity.

Let’s do it!!! Hit start below……

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This quiz and fundraising project is in noway affiliated with Instagram, or facebook. Any inquiries please contact us