When it comes to running, learning the correct running form can benefit you in many ways. You will be able to prevent unwanted injuries, run faster and further with more ease. That way, it can help make running a much more enjoyable sport. Whether you are a beginner runner or a seasonal runner, below are some of the golden rules of proper running form that you can apply when you go for a run.

correct running form

Good Posture

If you have a habit of getting into a poor posture, this is the time for you to correct it, if you want to improve your running. You can always practice this by pressing your back and pulling your body straight upright. Before you run, be sure to check your posture first. After that, try to maintain that throughout your run.

Relax Your Shoulders

It is natural that when we are stressed, we tend to pull our shoulders up. If you have such habit, then be aware of that and try to roll your shoulders back and keep it pressed down instead of letting it get pulled up.

Moderate Stride Length

Many runners either have too small or too big of a stride, where both are extremes and are not good for you. The ideal stride is to have your feet reach out just below your knees and landing mid foot rather than on your toes or your heels.

Keep Your Hands Relaxed

Running should be an enjoyable sport but not one that is stressful and full of struggles. Many runners are not aware of their own actions and that includes actions like clenching the fists. The next most important aspect is to keep it as relaxed as possible. Release the fists from clenching and keep your arms at waist level to prevent tension on your arms, neck and shoulders.

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Increase Mobility

Stiff body parts and lack of mobility can do more harm than good especially for runners. Flexibility can help you keep the correct running form and prevent injuries during your running sessions. While not everyone is born with the same level of flexibility, this can be learned and improved on. You can increase your body’s range of motion through exercises such as yoga, Pilates and Active Isolated Stretching methods.

Stop Unwanted Movements

Sometimes we are unaware of the movements that are eating up our precious energy when we are running. This is a common mistake that many runners make. Movements such as flailing your arms about, taking too big of a stride and low cadence can cause you to use up extra energy and cause you to burnout faster. Try to identify unnecessary movements that you are making and stop doing it. You will soon realize that it will improve your endurance.

Correct running forms are techniques that many professional athletes and trainers are now sharing among other regular runners to help improve their running. These have been formulated and tested to help runners to achieve optimum performance and regular runners will find that it can help them bring their running to a whole new level.